zondag 18 maart 2018

18 - 3 - 18

(ahhhh ... the previous "18" went by unnoticed ...)

They say,
sometimes time stands still and sometimes time flies.

Of course that's not true :
it depends on our own perception
of what we are doing
that makes time fly or stand still ...

Today we had a special birthday dinner
for our daughter :
she had her 44th birthday yesterday !
(that's why I said time flies :
I remember her small self on the Sunday she was born so well !!!)

Pasta di mamma

Homemade pasta, broccoli, baked tomatoes, baked salmon,
avocado, homemade pesto, tomato sauce, a green salad
and "tarte tatin" for dessert !

And like the last two months
there is the on-going story of paint

Friends !

maandag 26 februari 2018

so lucky ... !

Reaching for the stars ...
why not ?

Twenty years ago this very day,
I had a major operation
after being diagnosed with breast cancer
on Friday the 13th
(no, I'm NOT superstitious, but I remember
that day very well, when my world came tumbling down)

It took me a while to get things back on track,
before I even trusted to reach for the stars.

It all worked out well
and I'm happy to be still here,
and I now know you have to reach for the stars
(at least try !)

Just busy, busy, busy
with more little paintings :

it is such FUN 

woensdag 14 februari 2018

sending love ...

When you leave out
what the commerce likes to do with Valentine Day ...
it's just fun
to send a bit of love
into the world !

This is only a quarter (!)
of a new small painting,
gouache on paper
(9 x 14 cm)

A small token of love
to someone special ?

Happy Valentine

vrijdag 2 februari 2018

second month, second day ...

Oh yes, January is already gone !

I'm still just in the mood for painting.
Slowly, day by day
new small paintings grow
to their final state.

It's still winter,
thought not really cold with ice or snow
(just WET)
But in the garden the first signs
that spring isn't thát far away,
are already visible :
snowdrops, aconites and very small crocuses !

Why not join all the happy green in the garden ...
So I started with a very "springy" background
for another painting

THIS will take a while
but here on my painting it smells like spring !

growing from "scratch"

"Dandelion - meeting"
(22 x 12 cm  ,  8.65 x 4.70")

And yes, there are more little paintings,
so another bit ...

vrijdag 26 januari 2018

sleeping ...

The little paintings I'm making right now
are all little fantasies.
Stories one can make up
by just looking at the painting ...

After the owls
came a sheep, a ram 



maandag 22 januari 2018

"night friends"

Here's the finished little painting
(only 9 x 14 cm ,   3.5 x 5.5")
The new fine brushes I bought lately
are just fine for this
(I had some older ones with hairs sticking out : grrrrrrrrr)

Because it is such fun
I started on the next one immediately.

(in progress)