vrijdag 18 mei 2018

18 - 5 - 18

It is soooo hard to remember
how small he was :
our birthday boy of today !

Six years ago to the day :
only a few hours he had to stay in the incubator,
just to keep warm.

He's such a big boy now compared to this !!!

Though his legs are almost getting in the way,
he still loves to play with the wooden cart
(that his big sister and brother used before him)

Tomorrow we will throw a BBQ party for him !


The garden is still flowering like mad

Drawing each and everyone takes time ...

(much easier to take pictures !)


zondag 6 mei 2018

green !

Spring is really here now
and the garden is an explosion of

So I completed the drawing / painting
of a few days ago
with a lot of green too ! 

Camassia leichtlinii

 Now it looks more like standing in its
natural surroundings of green and tiny bits of colour.

This is the Camassia's neighbour :
Polygonatum multiflorum,
only a few stems of a big wild bush !

Thanks Vicky !!!
(the sister of my dear garden-friend Rhonda
went to Australia and couldn't take her garden with her ...)

Many years ago from "wild" France
we brought this beauty home :
Asphodelus albus

This is the white Wisteria against the house.
though I've got it heavily pruned last year !
Such a lovely fragrance !

And now for something completely different :

the eldest grandson is the proud owner of some new "wheels" !
He started speed skating last autumn
and in summer they train on skeelers,
on 10 cm high wheels !!!
(almost as big as us now  ;-) ...)

This Saturday, while daughter and me
were at the "Alpaca-knitting club",
Man went to see the training !

(training with the grown-ups !)

maandag 30 april 2018

last day of April

(Ohhhh where did this month go ?)

Some years ago we had our
"Queen's day"
on the last day of the month,
but now that we have a king
"King's day"
is already on the 27th of April ...

(that was a sunny day...
but today was WET and COLD !)

The garden is greeeeeen !
With blues of the forget-me-not, muscari,
bluebells and the wonderful
camassia leichtlinii 

I couldn't help it : HAD to draw one ...

(first pencil, then pen, and gouache,
though I loved the paper  that I used before better)
Will do some more around it ...
but I'm not sure what yet

(the trees almost stopped flowering after the rains
of the last two days)

I hope for a bit warmer May !

zaterdag 14 april 2018

a very quiet ...


(that's what I had today,
but next week some more people will 
catch up !)

So Man and I had a flowery, quiet, but sunny day
after daughter and her dearest friend came by, 
before leaving on the Fast Ferry to Rotterdam,
bringing some very nice presents !!!

What a little treasure daughter found for me !


Another tiny painting was completed yesterday


(only 7 x 7 cm
2.75 x 2.75")

zondag 8 april 2018

painting ...

Still painting

(never had something going thát long, I think)

Because I found some good frames
I made somewhat bigger paintings this time
(16 x 24 cm in a 30 x 40 cm frame)

Here are two details

(still more to come)

zondag 1 april 2018

fooling Easter ?

Easter on the first of April,
funny  ...
though we're a LOT happier than a year ago
(when we spent the day in hospital !
happy to have left thát behind us ...)

A gray day today
and not very warm too !
Not at all what you expect on Easter.

So why not make our own nice day :

Spring flowers from daughter
a bunch of (good old) Easter bunnies
and one of my gouache paintings that I've been making
the last three months.

A happy weekend to you all out there !

zondag 18 maart 2018

18 - 3 - 18

(ahhhh ... the previous "18" went by unnoticed ...)

They say,
sometimes time stands still and sometimes time flies.

Of course that's not true :
it depends on our own perception
of what we are doing
that makes time fly or stand still ...

Today we had a special birthday dinner
for our daughter :
she had her 44th birthday yesterday !
(that's why I said time flies :
I remember her small self on the Sunday she was born so well !!!)

Pasta di mamma

Homemade pasta, broccoli, baked tomatoes, baked salmon,
avocado, homemade pesto, tomato sauce, a green salad
and "tarte tatin" for dessert !

And like the last two months
there is the on-going story of paint

Friends !